Frucosol develops a new system for filling fresh Orange juice bottles for its range of Juicers.

  • Exhibitor: FRUCOSOL

Frucosol, manufacturer of hotel, catering and restaurant equipment since 1991, will present in Salon Gourmets 2018 a new accessory for its juicer machines that, just adding a small piece could help our customer to fill bottles with fresh orange juice.

Frucosol pay attention to small details and this is why we have developed a new accessory, so it will be very easy to fill 250 ml bottles, an ideal solution to take away service.

Our machines have several accessories to configure our machines as you like, giving solutions to any need our customers have.

This new accessory can be fixed to the machine with a simple “click”, so you could change your machine according with what you need every day. It is manufactured in stainless steel, so we are dealing with a reliable and hygienic part, something essential in HORECA business.

Adding this support and the bottles, you could enhance the selling options of your business, as you could sell not only the fresh orange juice ready for consumption in the local but also bottles of juice to take later on.

As well, with this new accessory, you could offer a new way of getting fresh orange juice during breakfast and lunch in your buffet.

Frucosol is developing, manufacturing and selling food service and catering equipment since 1991. Our range of products includes different machines like automatic juicers, glass froster, cooking machines, glass polishers, cutlery polishers and decarbonisers. We offer always products that can be adapted to the needs of our customers, but from a good quality-price relationship point of view. As well, our careful after sales service and strategic logistic system and stock allow us to give answer to any request. At this moment, Frucosol is a reference within the HORECA business.

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