Frucosol highlights its glass polisher SV2000

  • Exhibitor: FRUCOSOL

Frucosol, manufacturer of horeca equipment since 1991, highlights its glass polisher SV2000 for the next Gourmets Exhibition.  This is a machine to dry and polish glasses and cups, and finish with the hard task of polishing by hand. Then, we will be increasing the level of Cleaning and Hygiene to this process, and we will get a professional finishing in seconds.

To have your glasses and cups in a perfect state of cleaning, hygiene and presentation needs a very special drying process as we have to remove any possible lime or water mark. The final image is something essential for any business.

Our SV2000 glass polisher model will provide you with more autonomy and capacity, and it can be suitable for any size and shape of glasses and cups.

The costs of breaking glasses and cups will decrease a lot as the machine doesn’t use many strength during the process. Its natural, flexible and absorbing fiber brushes can be adapted to any type of glass or cup, so we will save a lot of time during this task.

A glass polisher in your business will make your customers look at you with a more professional image...

Frucosol is developing, manufacturing and selling food service and catering equipment since 1991. Our range of products includes different machines like automatic juicers, glass froster, cooking machines, glass polishers, cutlery polishers and decarbonisers. We offer always products that can be adapted to the needs of our customers, but from a good quality-price relationship point of view. As well, our careful after sales service and strategic logistic system and stock allow us to give answer to any request. At this moment, Frucosol is a reference within the HORECA business.