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  • Exhibitor: FRITERMIA
  • Brand name: VITAMIX

Assign special container colors for ingredients that need to be kept separate, such as allergens or strong aromatics.

Containers and matching lids in blue, orange, purple, and yellow reduce the potential for allergen cross-contact and are instantly recognizable to improve speed of service

BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is scratch-, shatter-, and chemical-resistant over the life of the container

Built-in, dripless spout improves pourability for reduced mess and waste

Each container comes with our one-piece Advance lid and is available in 48-ounce/1,4 Liter and 32-ounce/0,9 Litercapacities (see back for compatability)

Options: Blue, Orange, Yellow or purpure

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