• Exhibitor: FRITERMIA
  • Brand name: HATCO

Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine® Built-In High-Powered/Heavy-Duty Induction Range offers industry-leading features and true back-of-house power in a commercial kitchen proof package.

Four surface temperature sensors offer the most accurate control in its class

High resolution TFT (thin film transistor) display instantly advises the operator of precise power (1 to 100), temperature (°F or °C in one degree increments) and time control (30 seconds to 10 hours)

Programmable mode so the operator can create preset programs for consistent cooking cycles

Includes a grease filter and conformal-coated boards

Easy to use color-coded selectable functions

Large adaptive control for precise, fine control (slow turns) to spanning the full range in a single twist (fast turns)

Patterned, glass-ceramic top that is durable, easy to clean and helps scratches from heavy use become less noticeable

Easy to clean, fully-sealed top stops grease or moisture from penetrating the unit, even if the top gets broken

Automatic shut-off to prevent overheating

Withstands high ambient kitchen temperatures (up to 51°C)

Includes a remote control panel and cord

71" (1800 mm) cord with plug

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