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Small sardines from the Ría de Arousa in olive oil

  • Exhibitor: FRINSA
  • Brand name: Frinsa
  • Innovation Area

These sardines are the youngest specimens of the Sardina pilchardus, an oily fish belonging to the Clupeidae family. They are easily recognizable by their silver sheen and have a high nutritional value.

The reason for this limited edition is that the catches are made using a sustainable, artisanal fishing method known as “Xeito” which has been used by Galician fishermen for centuries. It comprises a rectangular cloth stretched between two tracks; the upper one is made up of a floating system of buoys that enables a variable depth to be set, and the lower one is weighted down with lead. This cloth remains attached to the boat by a rope of variable length, allowing the selective capture of the sardines, which have to be removed manually, one by one.

Frinsa is one of the largest European manufacturers of canned tuna fish and seafood.

The company was founded in Ribeira (Galicia, Spain) in 1961.The company’s main mission is to produce top-quality canned food, focusing its efforts on meeting clients’ expectations in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Thanks to this it holds the most important certificates in quality, food safety and the sustainability of fishing resources. Furthermore, it collaborates with the major organisations in the protection of marine resources.

Frinsa is the supplier of the major European chains’ own brands and also manufactures its own brands FRINSA (gourmet) and RIBEIRA.

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