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Flor de Sal con Hibisco 80 gr

La flor de hibisco aporta además de un color rojo intenso a la flor de sal, propiedades tales como ansiolítico natural, regula la circulación y el tránsito intestinal, tiene efectos antioxidantes, alto contenido en vitamina C, mejora la fragilidad capilar, hidratación cutánea.
  Located on the main road between Pozo del Camino and Isla Cristina (Costa de la Luz). Close to the coast of Huelva region, in the southwest of Andalucia Spain. BIOMARIS is a company dedicated to the traditional extraction of sea salt “virgen” and “Flor de Sal”. Founded in 1955 by Mr. Manuel Gómez Rodriguez it is managed by his daugther, Manuela Gómez Santana. She was pioneer in the manufacture of this particular salt, called “Flor de Sal”. Our company carry out activities based on the Environmental Education and the Natural Resources of the área (salinas, marsh and adjancent areas).

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