Smoked olive oil

  • Exhibitor: FISH GOURMET
  • Brand name: FISH GOURMET

Smoked Olive Oil with the best selection of fine woods and following a thorough process we obtain an exceptional oil with a soft touch of smoke.

Bottle 250 ml

Fish Gourmet is a small family business dedicated to the production of smoked fish and a pioneer in the manufacture of smoked sardines.

Our flagship product is smoked sardine loins, very highly valued by the best chefs at the most important gastronomic events.

We have been awarded in Brussels with the highest award iTQi 3 Stars Superior Taste Award 2016 for our smoked sardines and the same award in 2017 for our smoked cod. 

Fishgourmet carefully controls full production from its inception through salting and smoking in a process of total craftsmanship, caring for every detail leaving the fish completely clean, without skin, scales or spines, untill its packaging.

All under the careful supervision of specialized personnel

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