White Wine 100% Viognier. I.G.P. Castilla y León. French Oak Barrel Fermented and aged for 4 months

  • Exhibitor: FINCA CARDABA
  • Brand name: La Quinta del Monje

Grape Variety:  100% Viognier.

Soil Type: Clay/lime  

Harvest and Winemaking Technique: Alcoholic Fermentation in 500L. French Oak Barrel; aged for four months with “battonange sur lies”.

We are a Family company well founded on 1997, managing 75 acres of vineyards, growing up mainly Tempranillo, Syrah and Viognier. We are winemaking fruity, deep red wines, full bodied with a beautiful balance, matured in French Oak, in different styles; with a fantastic potential aging. On the other hand, our rose Tempranillo and our barrel fermented Viognier are really fruity and complex.

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