Young Red Wine. 50% Syrah - 50% Tinta Fina.

  • Exhibitor: FINCA CARDABA
  • Brand name: Cárdaba Premium

Both varieties, taking into account the different harvesting periods, obviously ferment separately, at a moderate temperature, looking for a slow extraction of fruity aromas, color and ripe tannins. Alcoholic fermentations and maceration are prolonged for a period of about 14 days in the case of Tinta Fina Grapes and about three weeks in the case of Syrah Grapes. After maturing three months in the bottle, it is marketed.

We are a Family company well founded on 1997, managing 75 acres of vineyards, growing up mainly Tempranillo, Syrah and Viognier. We are winemaking fruity, deep red wines, full bodied with a beautiful balance, matured in French Oak, in different styles; with a fantastic potential aging. On the other hand, our rose Tempranillo and our barrel fermented Viognier are really fruity and complex.

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