• Exhibitor: FAÚNDEZ S.L.
  • Brand name: FAÚNDEZ GOURMET
FAÚNDEZ GOURMET, puts at your disposal our range of dehydrated mushrooms, whole or laminated acording to the variety. Our service includes from formats for the final consumer, restoration or service to industry

FAÚNDEZ GOURMET "Flavours of the forest since 1982"

WILD MUSHROOMS AND BERRIES SPECIALIST.  Being our specialty the BOLETUS EDULIS AND PINICOLA AND  CHESTNUTS.  We work  them, fresh, dehydrated, frozen and preserved.

We are a manufacturing company, our work is compliand with hig auality hallmarks, such as "Tierra de sabor" and "Alimentos Artesanales de CYL". The hig quality of our products is guaranteed by careful, natural and traditional process made by our masterful people withing our workroom. being awarded with the awards "Premio Mercurio 1996", "III Congreso Internacional de Micología Soria 2012" and "Premios la Posada 2014"ç

We elaborate formats for the final consumer, restoration and industry