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It is a sweet and mild cheese, produced by the manufacture of whole or semi-skimmed and pasteurized cow's milk cheeses. The bark is thin, the mass homogeneous, without holes or with some scattered holes, of a straw yellow color due to rapid centripetal maturation due to the reduced size of the shape of due to the superficial microflora. Flavor characteristic, aromatic. The appearance of mold on the surface is a natural feature of the product and not a synonym of poor quality.
We created a dream in 2000 since our experience. Step by step, we have been growing in the food market, focusing our work to the high quality. We have been looking throughout Europe for the best products to fullfill the needs of a health, natural and sustainable life. We would like to ‘manage all the commecial requirements of our customers’, since we want to become an important tool for everyone that focuses his/her business on that excellence in flavour and quality.EPC is a family Spanish company, with a small group of workers who try to carry the role of helper for our customers, all of us collaborate and try to gird ourselves to that philosophy.

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