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Extra Chorizo

  • Exhibitor: EMDEZA
  • Brand name: Chorizo Extra Lomo
  • Sector: CHORIZO
  • Innovation Area
Extra Chorizo. Pack 5 u.

We're a tradition. We are a meat company of Lalín (Pontevedra - Spain), focused on the manufacture and distribution of meat products, which highlights as a reference the Galician chorizo in all its variants.

In all our products we movethe flavor and tradition of the region of Deza, offering a quality linked to all the elaborate meats we make.

Our product range is expanded fromfresh, cooked, elaborated, salted and cured pork.

  • Town: Lalín
  • Postcode: 36500
  • County: Pontevedra
  • Region: GALICIA
  • Country: España
  • Phone number: 986781724
  • E-mail address:
  • Web: http://
  • Facebook: emdezaelaborados
  • Pavilion: 6
  • Stand: 6G10
  • Sector: FOOD

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