The chorizo criollo, is manufactured semi-cooked barbecue type in the oven, ready for consumption, comes in a thermo-formed container of approximately 1, 8 kg and boxes of 6 kg.

Our recipe is made with a formula, part Uruguayan part of Argentina, using Spanish spices of first quality, obtaining in this way a pleasant and soft taste on the palate, with a low fat content.

Ingredients: Lean,pork fat, salt, soy protein, spices, sugar, stabilizer (E-451 I), gelling agent (E-407), flavorings, antioxidants (E-316 and E-331 III), flavor enhancer (E-621), dyes (E-120 and E-160c). Stuffed in natural casing.

Product lifetime: 70 days

Store between 1 and 3º C

Our Company, Carnes y Embutidos Hércules, s.l., is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of sausages and meat products.

At the begining Carnes y Embutidos Hercules, sl, was established as a family company, but over time, to respond to the high demand for our products and careful preparation, in 2001 we built a new factory, at the last vanguard in technology, responding thus, to the demands of the market, maintaining the premise of a traditional elaboration.

Our factory, located in A Coruña, has a large operational area, a highly qualified staff and a modern infrastructure, with a high production capacity, maintaining the condition of an innovative manufacturing according to the current times, with the highest quality standards and that careful preparation in all our products.

We have a proven experience of over 25 years in the sector, which allows us to meet the needs of the commercial areas, we also focus all our efforts on the satisfaction of our customers.

Currently, we are introducing a new range of products in the market, with great acceptance in the food sector, among them the preparation for white tripe, our elaborated veal or Zorza de chorizo, both with endless culinary possibilities.

For more information, you can consult our website:, where you will obtain detailed information on products, contact information, etc.

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