Its alcohol-acidity balance is particularly good, making it a very dense yet easy-drinking wine.

This wine has a very deep, strong cherry-red hue with a purple rim. It is elegant on the nose, gaining in intensity as it airs. It releases aromas of ripe red fruit or spices, such as black pepper, against a backdrop of toasted notes derived from the time spent in oak. The wine is big and round on the palate with soft tannins due to its perfect amount of ageing. Its alcohol-acidity balance is particularly good, making it a very dense yet easy-drinking wine. Its long-lingering finish is created by the intensity with which the fruit and toasted aromas come through again on the palate.

44% Syrah, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Grenache y 7% Merlot

El Grillo y La Luna (‘The Cricket and The Moon’) is a family business which was born in Barbastro in 2007 with the aim of creating wines with soul and a unique character.“Patience” is the byword at this winery, we wait for the optimum ripeness of each grape variety in each plot.

At El Grillo y La Luna, good things come to those who wait. Because we believe that good wine starts in the vineyards, our wines are produced in an unhurried fashion, respecting the uniqueness of each vintage as much as possible, and are only released for sale when they are ready.It is undoubtedly their ageing that sets the wines from this Somontano winery apart. With 48 hectares of vines, this is one of the smallest wineries in this D.O in the Aragon region. Here the entire crop is harvested and selected by hand. The date of the harvest is not laid down by regulations, but determined by going out into the vineyards and tasting the grapes.

Thus, with love, serenity and determination, we obtain wines with body, freshness and balance, exceptional wines in which the terroir and grape variety achieve their finest expression

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