VEGAN CHORIZO 300 gr. Vacuum packaged



We are a Spanish manufacturer of cured meat products based in Asturias. El CUCO is a family business with more than 50 years experience on the manufacturing of artisanal pork meat products, we strive to preserve the traditional flavour of each product by selecting the best ingredients.   We are proud to be the first Asturian meat company to obtain the ISO 9001 seal of quality, and certify our gluten-free products under the criteria required by FACE (Spain´s Federation of gluten intolerants association).  

We sell a wide range of products from fresh meat to various artisan  products, traditional Asturian cured meat products, wild board and deer chorizos, salted cured meats, callos beef tripe, creole sausages..etc  

Last year we launched the new range  Bienastur which is specialized in the production of cured meats with the flavour of traditional recipes, without artificial additives and preservatives, 100% natural and organic cured meat products.