Degustación de Dulces y Turrones

During the 4 days, which is celebrated the Gourmet Salon, El Artesano will give continuously the tasting every afternoon to make known its high quality, made by hand,: different Ref. As the nougat of Alicante with 67% Marcona almond, Jijona Nougat, quality difficult to find in Jijona, with 70% of Almond Marcona also

El Artesano El Artesano lives up to its name by making varieties of nougat and marzipan using the knowledge and experience handed down by various generations of nougat craftsmen in Jijona (Alicante).We believe in tradition and think to the future so our company can grow without us losing our values. We maintain the highest manufacturing standards and continuously improve the variety and quality of our products.Los turrones y mazapanes El Artesano, El Artesano’s varieties of nougat and marzipan are endorsed by the prestigious stamp of (Designation of Origin Label) awarded by the the Jijona Food Standards Council), the body which guarantees the products manufactured in this Protected Geographical Area comply with the maximum quality requirements and to which El Artesano have belonged since the company was founded. Our major commitment is to provide a wide range of high quality, great tasting products for our clients’ tables.

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