Avocado jam, exquisite creation that highlights the properties of avocado.

  • Exhibitor: Dulces La Cartuja
  • Brand name: Mermelada de aguacate Dulces la Cartuja
  • Sector: MERMELADA
  • Innovation Area

Highly recommended the combination with cheeses or smoked salmon.

Avocado jam is a product very rich in vegetable oils (most of the fats it contains are monounsaturated, such as oleic acid, and it also contains a good amount of Omega 3, which are the ones that give this great caloric contribution and are a good way to improve testosterone levels naturally, its carbohydrate content is low, and proteins are purely anecdotal (2% of total calories).

Regarding micronutrients, the avocado stands out for being rich in potassium (contains much more potassium than a banana) that favors the proper functioning of the muscular system, also noted for making a moderate contribution of magnesium. The avocado contains a good dose of vitamins of group B favor our nervous system and the antioxidant vitamin E.