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The Regulator Board represents not only the legacy, hardwork, tradition and knowledge of this industry but is also synonymous with the quality, progress and future of all wines from the Bierzo Designation of Origin.

The Bierzo Designation of Origin Regulator Board has lived an intense journey, with an outstanding evolution in terms of its results and with a great capacity for future development which therefore projects a bright future for Bierzo wines. With the excellent quality of the wine already established, one of the next great challenges will be to increase sales of the product and promote the wine’s value both nationally and internationally. Currently,
there are numerous brands and wineries under the Bierzo Designation of Origin which have successfully achieved a place in this competitive wine market by attaining recognition through prizes, contests and specialty fairs which have acknowledge its excellence.

Deeply proud of our vine growing heritage and motivated by the excellence of our wines, we are aware that
there is still a long road ahead, and we trust that the chosen path will take us firmly into the future.

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  • Sector: D.O. YOUNG RED WINE