Gin Siderit Reserve aged in French oak barrels of sugarcane rum - Limited edition

  • Brand name: Gin Reserve Siderit aged in Rum barrel, 43% Alc., 700ml
  • Sector: GINEBRA
  • New

Limited edition made from the London Dry Gin Siderit Classic, winner of prestigious international awards, aged for 3 months in French oak barrels of sugarcane rum.

Tasting note: with caramel color, sweet in the mouth with reminiscent of molasses.

SIDERIT is a craft distillery, located in Northern Spain, specialized in the elaboration of handcrafted Premium spirits.  

SIDERIT's premium distillates:

  • London Dry Gin CLASSIC Siderit (neutral).
  • Gin Siderit  HIBISCUS (floral).
  • Gin Siderit GINGERLIME (citric).
  • Vodka Lactée Siderit (the first Vodka in the world that was ever elaborated from milk).
  • Vermouth without added sugar.  

What makes us different?

  • Distillation in glass: maximum purity.
  • Raw material: rye alcohol, botanicals 100% natural, low mineralization water.
  • 3 months in deposit: long-term stability of the distillates.
  • International and prestigious gold awards: IWSC, San Francisco World Spirits competition, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, iTQi 2017.   Innovation, tradition and craftsmanship, the perfect SIDERIT's blending.

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