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  • Brand name: Spirito Vetton Cereza (Cherry)
  • Sector: GINEBRA
  • Innovation Area

Cherry Gin Spirito Vetton is a gin produced with cherries, with an alcohol content of 37.5%.

Lively on the nose, the cherry shines through combined with hints of bubble gum. Flavours to return on the finish. Very perfumed. Cherry blossom with notes of cherry jelly and hints of cherry flavoured cough sweets. Very confectionery and lots of cherry notes.                                                          

It is a new style of fruity gin, with five distillations, that preserves the nature of Dry Gin and is prepared with a careful selection of fresh botanists macerated in a slow process.       

Sight: rosé, clear, bright.

Smell: remarkable scents and cherry notes with citric notes at the end.

Taste: fresh and original. A sour and pleasant sensation at the beginning followed by herbal touches and botanists and slightly spicy towards the end.

Recommendations: ideal to enjoy it combined with a tonic or a soft drink and a slice of lemon, always with a considerable amount of ice. In order to prepare Gin & Tonic or Gin & Soda, you can add strawberries or red fruits, along with a juniper berry, cassia or Chinese cinnamon.

'Destilados de España' is a company based in Zarza de Granadilla (Cáceres, Spain), dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of high-quality beer, gins and rum, with the following names:

- Cerex:

Pilsen (Best Beer of Spain 2015)
Ibérica de Bellota (with acorns of the iberian forest)
Chestnut (Best Beer of Spain 2017 in the category 'smoked')
Cherry (Best Beer of Spain 2017 in the category 'fruity')
Andares (with Iberian ham).

- Spirito Vetton: Extra Dry & Cherry (elected Best Gin of Spain 2018)

- Ron Añejo Granadilla Superior Selection 18 months

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