Double Gold Medal China Wine & Spirits Awards 2017

Bronze Winner Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017

Bronze Winner International Rum Congress Madrid 20017

Granadilla Rum is the result of the selection of the best sugar canes, fermented and distilled under controlled temperature.A slow process that is completed with the ripening cycle in oak barrels for 18 months, that contributes to the aroma and characteristic taste of this rum.

View: Golden copper colour provided by the supply of sugars from wood and lignin from the oak barrels.  

Nose: Aromas of fresh fruit, grape, prune and toasted wood. Also light notes of vanilla, unequivocal symbol of the rum aging in high quality barrels.  

Mouth: Sweet at the start that changes to toasted wood. Silky, with spicy finish on the palate that together with a soft astringency, provides the rum with balance, roundness and structure.  

Ideal to drink mixed or on the rocks.

'Destilados de España' is a company based in Zarza de Granadilla (Cáceres, Spain), dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of high-quality beer, gins and rum, with the following names:

- Cerex:

Pilsen (Best Beer of Spain 2015)
Ibérica de Bellota (with acorns of the iberian forest)
Chestnut (Best Beer of Spain 2017 in the category 'smoked')
Cherry (Best Beer of Spain 2017 in the category 'fruity')
Andares (with Iberian ham).

- Spirito Vetton: Extra Dry & Cherry (elected Best Gin of Spain 2018)

- Ron Añejo Granadilla Superior Selection 18 months

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