Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast. 5% Alc. Vol.

In January 2015 Cerex Pilsen was recognised as the Best Craft Trade Beer in Spain by consumers. The jury for the competition, made up of a group of members belonging to the Union of Consumers of Cádiz, assessed the quality of Cerex Pilsen, the originality of its label and packaging as well as its commitment to sustainability.

In June 2015 Cerex Pilsen received Two Golden Stars for Superior Taste (Superior Taste Award), given by the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels (Belgium), comprising the best Chefs and Sommeliers in the world.

VISUAL PHASE: Intense matt yellow gold. Medium frothy consistency with creamy bubbles on the surface which invites you to drink. Carbonic gas is created naturally throughout the second fermentation process in the bottle.

SMELLING PHASE: Aroma of freshly baked bread and cake with soft hints of apples. Fresh aroma with a subtle touch of yeast on the nose. Critical finish, more ripe.

TASTING PHASE: Harmonious combination between the presence of carbonic gas and freshness in the mouth. Medium bitterness coming from the hop; notes of apples – bananas are maintained. Critical finish with a more bitter touch than at the beginning, which makes this beer be drunk easily. Alcohol is well integrated, this is why it is a beer with correct acidity and round in the mouth. Mild beer, ideal for drinking at any time of the day.

PAIRING: All types of cheese, particularly semi-cured with paprika rind and cured cheese. Shellfish. Fish: mainly oven-baked oily fish (sea bream, tuna or salmon); fresh and canned sardines and anchovies. Asparagus: both white and wild, fresh in salads and omelettes.

'Destilados de España' is a company based in Zarza de Granadilla (Cáceres, Spain), dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of high-quality beer, gins and rum, with the following names:

- Cerex:

Pilsen (Best Beer of Spain 2015)
Ibérica de Bellota (with acorns of the iberian forest)
Chestnut (Best Beer of Spain 2017 in the category 'smoked')
Cherry (Best Beer of Spain 2017 in the category 'fruity')
Andares (with Iberian ham).

- Spirito Vetton: Extra Dry & Cherry (elected Best Gin of Spain 2018)

- Ron Añejo Granadilla Superior Selection 18 months