Tenderness and juiciness, ideal for roasting in the oven or grilling.

  • Exhibitor: DELICATER
  • Sector: CARNES
  • Organic
Iberian pig It is characterized by its fatty infiltration that makes its meat improve its qualities and flavor. In addition, the lipid composition of the Iberian pig is heart-healthy. Térvalis gourmet is committed to a healthy diet not only for our animals but also for the final consumer, with the production of a high quality meat due to its great infiltration of fat that gives it juiciness and tenderness. We only commercialize the animals of our cattle farm, applying a traditional method of breeding, sustained by a diet that starts from the cultivation of our own pastures: silage of corn, sunflower, vetch and oats, thus obtaining an adequate diet. Meat very tender and delicate texture. The fatty infiltration gives it flavor and juiciness. Manipulation of the meat, in our own quartering room to obtain optimal conditions of tenderness and juiciness.

Fully integrated production, we take care of our cows to obtain the cebones with a minimum of two years of age and thus obtain a mature meat, with the flavors and aromas of the pastures consumed. All the food is produced in the same farm, ensuring an absence of undesirable substances and a production with zero antibiotics, basing all our effort on the welfare of the animals. This careful feeding follows a natural evolution from the weaning with the mothers, taking advantage of the mountain pastures until the age of 15 months and continues with a natural food based on silages of corn, fodder and cereals, not adding compound feed or substances that interfere in the rumination and artificially advancing the natural growth, in order to achieve a fatty infiltration of the muscle and an optimal fatty acid composition which is achieved with three basic pillars. RACE ANGUS animals that genetically provide a fat infiltration and a superior tenderness. It is considered one of the best meat breeds and is known as the "Iberian bovine." PASTOS provide the adequate composition of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, as well as a high concentration of CLA fatty acids, favoring their intake, control of bad cholesterol and offering cardiovascular benefits. It also provides a distinct unmistakable flavor to the meat. TIME so that the meat acquires its characteristics of flavor, adequate fatness and texture must be given time, being the mature animals those that provide the tastiest and complete cuts. No hurry.

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