Zerberos El Altar

  • Exhibitor: DANIEL RAMOS
  • Brand name: Zerberos El Altar

Daniel Ramos and Pepi San Juan saw the vineyards from Cebreros in year 2005 with the aim to start a new project called Daniel Ramos. They wanted to show the best of the grapes from the area of Cebreros in his wines. They started to make some wine experiments in harvest 2005, continuing the year after. During 2007 they decided that the project had to grow so they bought 4,5 hectares of selected vineyards planted in diferent type of soils and situated at diferent altitudes, situated in the south facing mountain of Cebreros. All of them were very old Garnacha vineyards gobelet trained. During the 2008 harvest they started new adventures going out from the Cebreros vineyards and locating diferent sites at El Barraco and El Tiemblo.The project, Daniel Ramos, makes wines that show the personality of the diferent soils, varieties (Garnacha, Sauvignon Blanc y Albillo Real) and terroirs of where the vineyards are planted: these are the Zerberos Finca wines. The project doesn’t want to forget the traditional winemaking in the area, using the concrete, clay and wood: these are the Κπ wines.In the area of Cebreros (Garnachas de Gredos) we work with two types of soils, granitic sandy soils and slate schist for the Garnacha vineyards. Our granitic sandy soil vineyards are situated between 800 and 1000 metres high. These are old vineyards around 100 years old, at the site of Llano Toledo. The Garnachas planted in the slate schist vineyards are over 50 years old, and another two are over 100 years old. They are all planted between 850 and 950 metres high. These are four plots called: El Gato, Galayo Alto, Galayo Bajo y La Movida.Our white wines are made with grapes bought to some vignerons from Cebreros winemaking region, and they are all planted on granitic sandy soils. The Sauvignon Blanc is a vineyard gobelet trained and 30 years old of age at Cebreros. The Albillo Real comes from diferent vineyards from the Albeche River Valley. All these vineyards are also gobelet trained and are over 80 years old.Daniel Ramos has his own winery since june 2013 at the town of El Tiemblo. In this way they can make the wines in such a way that the diferent terroirs from the grape varieties they work with show the different terroirs and personalities of the different plots. Their wines are made in different little bins, mixing old and new winemaking tecniques. Daniel Ramos, in the aim to preserve as much as posible the purity of his wines, does not filter them.