• Exhibitor: CRESPI
  • Brand name: ESPECIAS CRESPI
  • Sector: OTROS
  • Organic Exhibition Area

ORIGIN: Mallorca - Spain

Selected whole leaves dried at a controlled temperature below 45ºC.  

It combines well in tomato dishes, both in salads and sauces. Also in vegetables and white fish. Used also to flavor oils or dressings with base oil and / or vinegar. Stimulates digestion, appetite and calms nerves. Also known as Alfabaguera or Alfabrega. ALLERGENS: Does not contain. Packed in a facility where Celery, Mustard, Almond, Nuts, Sesame and Pine nuts are also packed.

Company dedicated to the production, transformation and marketing of spices, condiments and products of Mallorca.
We cover the entire cycle from our plantations, we grow our products that we will then transform and pack for later commercialization.
Our highlight products such as Pimenton de Mallorca, made with the exclusive variety of Tap de Corti peppers, our saffron poached in wine and oil or our condiments made with almond from Mallorca.
All of them of ecological production.
In our effort to be as sustainable as possible we use the shell of our almonds as fuel for the process of dehydration at low temperature, which allows us to obtain a product of the highest quality and with all its qualities intact.