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Fresh mussels, straight from the sea to our home, with a light fry in olive oil and covered by a mild artisan marinade made over a low heat for hours.

Fruit of the joint effort of sailors and conserveiras, a very careful product, worked only in season to enjoy it all year.

Presentation: can of RO-120 with a luxury case in black and mustard.

Without gluten.

Ingredients: Mussels of the Ria de Arosa, olive oil, wine vinegar, spices and salt. Net Weight: 115 g. Drained weight: 78 g.

 Canning artisans since 1960.   Traditional canning company sited in Pobra do Caramiñal (Arosa Estuary, Galicia, Spain) mainly dedicated to canning mussels from our own hatcheries.

We also elaborate other products such as small sardines, small scallops, tuna belly fillets, horse mackerels, small mackerels, etc.   Quality Reasons  

1. Fresh Galician Mussel At Ramón Franco, we only can Galician mussel (Mytilus Galloprovincialis) bred in our own hatcheries (mussel platforms) that are placed in the Arosa Estuary, on the Galician coast.

  2. Large pieces Having our own production allows us to guarantee the supply of large size mussels for our clients all year long.  

3. Guaranteed freshness The raw material is obtained from the sea every morning and it is immediately prepared and cooked. Each piece is examined, hand canned and sterilized on the same day.  

4. Our sauces They are always home-produced and cooked with natural ingredients (oil, onion, tomato, etc).

  5. Customized elaboration Our size and versatility allow us to carry out orders adapted to our clients’ needs: salt-free orders, more red pepper, etc.


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