100% Tinta de Toro

Appearance: Medium cherry red, brilliant garnet hue transparency.

The nose: Tertiaries: Vanillas, roasts, liquorice, toffee and over ripe grape.

The mouth: Well structured, unpolished resiny tannins, spicy retronasal effect

The wines from Toro are brimming with tradition. Their origins date back to before the settlements of the Romans.

In the Middle Ages, they were greatly appreciated, and enjoyed royal privileges which allowed them to be commercialised in towns and cities where the sale of other wines was forbidden.

The Toro Designation of origin has a regulating Body which attends the standards set forth in the Regulations. Thus guaranteeing the quality of the product. This Body guarantees the quality of more than thirty wineries, authorising the making of white, rosé and red wines,

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