Luxury Edition

  • Exhibitor: CONDE DE ARGILLO
  • Brand name: Conde de Argillo
Two recipients in the same bottle, dark and light. A beautiful Italian design that contains our best extra virgin olive oil, and looks like a perfume. The essence of the olive oils, protected by the Sierra Mágina Denomination of Origin. Each recipient contains 250 ml of our best extra virgin olive oil, from early harvest, cold extraction and low acidity. The set is protected with a beautiful and elegant case where the bottle is perfectly protected. A healthy gift, elegant and distinguished that will let you enjoy the aromas of the olives.

Early harvesting

Conde de Argillo produces an extra virgin olive oil from the olives of variety “picual”, which is the one with the highest amount of oleic acid (80%) and polyphenols, giving our olive oil a great antioxidant power. So that, our olive oil loses its properties later than other varieties, keeping itself in optimal conditions for more than 18 months. In order to guarantee the highest quality conditions for our olive oil, we take care of all the phases of the production process,. As a consequence, we develope all the activities concerning harvesting, producing, packaging and sales, guaranteeing a perfect traceability along the whole process. For many years, our crop has been harvested at the beginning of October, by the same workers who take great pride and care in their work. The objective is to obtain a very fresh extra virgin olive oil, which taste will remind the olive leaves, green almonds and tomato.

Daily ground and cold pressed

To achieve a quality such as ours, we must start using excellent raw material which requires a limited use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides, followed by careful harvesting, in order to select the fresh and healthy olives which are used exclusively to produce Conde de Argillo extra virgin olive oil. This early harvesting pursues the objecive of selecting the best olives, the ones that are turning from green to purple at the optimal maduration point. The olives are ground the same day and cold pressed -under 22º- to prevent their oxidation. The conservation at the constant temperature of 20º is the final point of the production process, with the objective of keeping its fresh aroma and flavour. This ritual culminates by transfering our extra virgin olive oil culture to our customers, with the objective of making them enjoy the olive oil with the same passion as we do.