Colour: Transparent liquid, with a dark amber colour, allows light to pass through with noticeable bright flashes, free of particles in suspension.  

Aroma: Aroma of rum aged in oak barrels, correct balance between its components, slightly sweet, recalling the scent of prunes with dried ripe grapes.

Flavour: Obviously aged, well evolved, slightly perceptible sweetness, combined with a flavour of well chopped wood with tones of vanilla and dry sweet almonds.  

Swallowing sensation: A sensation of quite a thick liquid on the palate, It fills the palate, leaving a light tingling sensation balanced with a slightly sour note without being irritating, a feeling of gentle heat in the throat, typical of its alcohol content.


FERMENTATION: Made from a rigorous selection of sucrose-rich streams which come from the sugar mill, where sugar cane is produced. The alcoholic stages are obtained through the fermentation of these sugary streams, which contribute in part to the aromatic composition of the final product.  

DISTILLATION: In this mystic stage, the art of patience is combined with physical and chemical reactions that take place inside the barrels, made of American white oak, which were used in an ageing stage of Bourbon Whisky from the region of Kentucky.  

MIXTURES AND AGEING: Our product, defined within the category of extra-aged rums, has as a design feature, in which alcohols aged over 10 years were involved in its formulation, with a combination of base rums imparting a unique combination and distinctive notes of a very high quality.

Founded in 1979. With subsidiaries in Portugal and Cuba, the company is among the leading sector groups in the distribution of food and drink products in Spain. Since the beginning in the 1980s, the company has innovated and adapted to new market demands. With no desire to stop growing, the mission of Comercial Masoliver is to continue to be one of the leading companies in the distribution sector in Spain, ensuring a high level of service for customers and suppliers, and providing added value for the final consumer through the distribution of quality products.