Organic Pitaya

  • Exhibitor: COFFEETECH
  • Brand name: Pitaya
  • Sector: SMOOTHIES
Have you noticed that people often take pictures of food before eating it? In that sense, La Pitaya is the star of Instagram. An organic fruit to make delicious and colorful bowls (bowls) foodie trend. The Pitaya (or Dragon Fruit) is served in small envelopes of frozen pulp ready to mix and present.
We are wholesale distributors of products for coffeeshops. Suppliers in Spain of solutions for businesses of restoration: bars, coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels, caterings, spa. We specialise in the sale of frozen fruit for smoothies, bowls, frappés and soluble of easy preparation; a complete catalogue of drinks for summer and winter that will allow you to complete your menu with innovative suggestions. Besides, we cater material for its prepared and service. We invite you to discover our novelties in Salón de Gourments 2018.