white chocolate bare with mint

  • Brand name: Chocolates Artesanos Isabel
  • Organic Exhibition Area

More than traditional bar. Our receipe of organic chocolate bar faitrade, contain ingrdients which promot the cocoa taste in the same time bring texture taste, contrast and innovation. It's 7 mms thick chocolate get the chocolate in melted in the mouth chewing, allowing the chocolate to express and release all its aromase and muances.

In addition, in all our chocolate bars you can find a golden ticket that will give you the opportunity to visit our workshopand see how chocolate is made as well as being able to take home a complete batch of our products.

Isabel Hand Made Chocolates

In 1997 we made our dream a reality:  we opened a small chocolate bakery in our village, Alcorisa, in the scenic province of Teruel, Spain.

Here we have the ideal environment for creating with chocolate and exploring an uncharted territory of flavours, aromas and forms.

We view chocolate as a jewel for the senses.But, as much as we want to please the palate, we are also aware of our responsibility towards the people and the environment.

That’s why we work with Fair Trade and Ecologically Produced raw materials such as cocoa and sugar cane, and Locally Produced products like extra virgin olive oil and marcona almonds.

It is really a pleasure creating a wide range of innovative chocolates from the best raw materials in order to offer a natural, healthy an fair product.