Craft Beer Type Milk Stout.Family: Ale (High fermentation). Bitterness: 30 IBUS. Vol: 5.5%

Bourbon-style Milk Stout craft beer, without filtering or pasteurizing. Its color is very dark, opaque black. Creamy cinnamon foam. - Toasted grain aroma, with notes of coffee, chocolate, and bourbon. - On the palate the flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate dominate the palate accompanied by the touches of wood and smoked bourbon. A medium sweetness granted by the lactose offers a counterpoint to the toasted character and bitterness of the hops, lasting the latter at the end. Creamy body and low carbonation.    

- Glass: Pitcher or pint glass.

-Family: Ale (High fermentation).

- Service temperature: 9º- 12º

- Bitterness: 30 IBUS.

- Vol: 5.5% alcohol.

- Pairing: Chocolate cake, sweets.

Cervezas Virtus Born in 2013 as a result of the passion of its founders, Ignacio Millán and Alfonso Moreno, it is a young and dynamic company that has not stopped growing and looking for new markets since its foundation, we specialize in creating a high quality beer and also in the realization of a la carte beers for all kinds of events and companies.