9 best andalusian craft beers

Savis is a craft beer brand native to the Costa del Sol in Malaga, specifically Marbella, from where it has been producing since the beginning of 2016 some of the most interesting Andalusian beers of the moment. Its monthly production is around 8,000 liters of beer, distributed among its different varieties: pilsner, special, wheat, amber ale, belgian dark and märzen oktoberfest. All of them using old traditional recipes, natural ingredients, including high quality malts and Saaz hops, and water from the underground lakes of Mijas.

The Savis Especial is a lager type beer included in the strong lager style with a 6% alcohol content, golden and translucent, and made following a recipe from the mid-nineteenth century. The nose has memories of malt and caramel and slight hints of floral hops. It is a very balanced beer with a suitable body that does not waver or saturate, and a rather high bitterness that makes it ideal to pair with barbecues, poultry and salads.

SAVIS is a craft brewery born in Costa del Sol's luxurious town of Marbella. Savis will open his new factory in Málaga, more big and modern but of course will continue using the old traditional recipes, natural ingredients that making it a truly home grown unforgettable craft beer.

Each batch is limited and it has its own unique flavour and character. SAVIS - latin meaning: Nice, Delicious. The name speaks for itself....

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