Blonde Ale craft beer, golden color, sweet entry and bitter aftertaste. 5.3% alc

  • Exhibitor: CERVEZA BALLUT
  • Brand name: BALLUT BLONDE ALE
Blonde Ale craft beer with second fermentation in bottle using honey, golden color, aromas of pine due to the hops used and the honey added to have sugars for the second fermentation in the bottle. Ideal to pair with salty snacks, starters and soft cheeses. Second fermentation in bottle. 5.5% alcohol.
Artesana brewery located in the Extremaduran city of Badajoz. Since 2012 making very personal and special beers for all the beer public that is willing to taste the true flavor of the different varieties of beers. We are a microbrewery of small size and that is why we focus on the quality of our beers and on providing the best possible service to our customers in the hotel, catering, large stores and direct sales. We currently have 5 own beers in our portfolio, being able to design and elaborate recipes on request for special clients. All our beers have been recognized in different brewers and our IPA, Therapy, was recognized internationally in Tokyo in the Asian Beer Championship of 2015 with the Gold medal