A great beer is the one that oozes passion has life and is artisan

Reportaje en periódico El Adelantado de Segovia

Cerveza 90 Varas is a craft beer made entirely with natural products in Cerezo de Abajo (Segovia). The ingredients that we use for the elaboration of the different varieties of our beers are the water, coming from the Sierra of Ayllón; the best malts in the market; selected aromatic hops; and fresh yeasts.

As craft beer suppliers, we are committed to respecting the original brewing process because each beer needs its own time and requires special care. We do not add mash accelerators or chemicals to shorten the fermentation. No dyes, stabilizers or preservatives. We do not pasteurize or perform artificial carbonation to our recipes. That is why it is a living product full of nuances that evolves over time.

Our official presentation to the brewing world has taken place in Cerveza Fusión and in the Barcelona Beer Festival, two of the most important events in the promotion of craft beer.

Our proposal is based on the promotion of beer culture, developing varieties adjusted to the new consumer who comes to know the craft beer and looking for a quality product with excellent raw materials. In Cerveza 90 Varas we have 7 varieties of craft beer. In addition, we offer guided tours to the factory and tastings organized for groups.