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  • Exhibitor: CARRASQUEÑO
  • Brand name: CARRASQUEÑO
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Great Selection is an early oil of the variety Carrasque, picudo and picual. It presents a fruity of robust green olive that fits perfectly with a wide complexity in nuances. The most noteworthy olfactory notes are green almond alloza, green wheat, banana peel see and tomato in its fruit version. Soft on the palate, but quickly the bitter appears with medium intensity. The bucco-tactile sensation of astringency is perceived in weak intensity. The spicy is robust. The sensation once tasted is of a freshly ground olive.

The Sociedad Cooperativa Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro was founded in 1958, is located in the town of Alcaudete, Jaén province. Municipality belonging to the Region of the Sierra Sur de Jaén. The main activity is the production of extra virgin olive oil. Under the trademark Carrasqueño, it is identified by having its gourmet products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil Great Selection a early oil of the variety Carrasqueña, Picudo and Picual that is collected in mid-October, Carrasqueño BIO an early ecological oil of the picual variety that is harvested at the beginning of November, as well as its Jelly, a spreadable cream made with olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Great Selection and Cocoa Cream also made with it.

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