Ginfusion (Botanical infusions for Gintonic)

  • Exhibitor: CARMENCITA
  • Brand name: Carmencita
  • Sector: OTROS
Add a touch of color, flavour and sophistication to your gintonic with this pack of botanical infusions for GinTonic. Pyramid  infusions that aromatize the gintonic. Each unit contains three diferents flavours that transform your drink in a unique experience. Contains 9 sachets of assorted vegetable spices.
Jesús Navarro, S.A. started out in 1919 and was the first Spanish company to bottle spices in glass jars. Today, we can proudly say that Carmencita is the leading Spanish brand on the spices market with 54% of the market share in Spain. We are currently present in more than 50 countries on all five continents.