‘El chef viajero’, a gastronomical journey through the Canary Island

“El Chef viajero” is a documentary project created by the Government of the Canary Islands to promote the exclusive agricultural food products of the Archipielago. To do so, chefs who works in the Islands have been involved, among with internationally prestigious chefs who travel to the Canaries to discover its products and work with them in situ. “El Chef viajero” is a gastronomical journey and, therefore, cultural, through the islands with the purpose of contribute to the value of our primary sector and the work of men and women from the countryside and the sea, linking them to the catering, gastronomy and fine cuisine sectors. The kitchens of “El Chef viajero” has been visited by chefs like Erlantz Gorostiza, Pepe Rodríguez, Martín Berasategui, Paolo Casagrande, Diego Guerrero, Susi Díaz, Paco Pérez, Ángel León or Albert Adriá, adding 27 Michelin stars all together, joined by local chefs like Gamonal family, Fabián Mora, Braulio Simancas, Javier Darias, Joaquín Espejo, Germán Blanco and Luis León. The main goal is to see the Canary Islands from a different perspective, through a documentary which has an enourmous link with our producers and products, distincted and with significant added value, but also with our amazing landscapes, which are an attractive far from traditional “sun and beach” tourism. This documentary series are integrated into the Project “growing together”, a pioneer initiative developed by the Government of the Canary Islands to create sinergies between primary sector and tourism industry.

The presentation will take place in Madrid, at the Canary Islands official stand at “Salón del Gourmet”, this coming 7th of May at 2pm, and will be hosted by Narvay Quintero, Counsellor for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Place: Stand Canary Island. (nº4)

Date: 7 th of May

Time: 2p.m.

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