Product elaborated in an artisanal way as it used to be in the Mallorcan houses from animals of our operation of black pigs, with paprika tap de cortí also elaborated in our farm for our sobrasadas.Our sobrasadas have a minimum cure of three months in order to be able to offer the client the product at the optimum point for its

Can Company is both innovation and tradition at the same time. It is the epitome of fusion between every day things and the application of techniques, raw materials, tools… and avant-garde, innovative and ideas often with an element of risk. Only Can Company dares to create incredible combinations of ingredients with a view to taking simple cold cuts of meat to great heights, converting them into to dishes capable of wowing even the most demanding palates: a blend of sobrassada (Mallorcan sausage) and blue cheese, red and black fuet or Catalan sausage stuffed with Mahon cheese. Today, Can Company produces cereals and legumes, rears Mallorcan animals has created their own line of charcuisine meats, aimed at the real connoisseur.