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Enjoy a different wine tasting from the hand of the oenologist and founder of Bodega Campos Góticos, Pedro Gallego, at the restaurant El Fogón de los Arrieros, where you can enjoy a good dinner accompanied by music and live performances.

Within the framework of our cycle # ExperienciasCamposGóticos, Catas de Vino with dinner pairing, we present new dates:


When: Friday, April 6, at 8:30 p.m.Where: Restaurant El Fogón de los Arrieros, at Matacerquillas street, 29 Moralzarzal (Sierra de Madrid)

What it consists of: We will start by making a wine tasting very different from any other you have ever seen or done, with Pedro Gallego, oenologist and winemaker at Bodega Campos Góticos. Around 9:30 p.m., dinner will begin, in which Pedro will talk about tasting and wine pairing while enjoying an extraordinary cuisine and a great wine. We will close the dinner with live music and some other surprise performance. It will be a great night to enjoy, share experiences and learn about the world of wine with a fantastic group of friends and wine lovers.

A gift: A great wine of 7 Lunas will be raffled among the attendees. 2005 Harvest Selected in bottle of Double Magnum (3 liters) valued at € 217.

Price: € 30 (VAT included)

Tasks previously made:

- Rincón de Goya Restaurant. Madrid

- El Botánico Restaurant. Palencia

- Seducción a la Carta Restaurant. Madrid

- Hotel Restaurant Las Carolinas. Santander

If you want to know more and know what people who have been in our tastings say, ask:

In 1998 at Bodega Campos Góticos we were pioneers planting the first ecological vineyards in the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero.

Our wines are 100% organic, by conviction and commitment. We bet to do different things and through the cultivation and ecological elaboration of our wines, we recover all the qualities of the Ribera del Duero and we create genuine wines of great quality.

We have a very personal, authentic and exquisite way of doing things. Pedro Gallego, founder and Oenologist of Bodega Campos Góticos, is the soul of the Campos Góticos wines. His wines are unique because he elaborates them with passion for the terroir, respecting the most traditional processes but rethinking everything and breaking myths.

Our vineyards are grouped in one of the highest areas of the Ribera, are vineyards over 900 meters high. At this altitude we have colder winters, hotter summers and thermal differences of 25ºC from day to night, an ideal climate to obtain the best Ribera del Duero wines.

All the vineyards of Gothic Fields are of the Tempranillo variety. It is in the Ribera del Duero where the Tempranillo grape reaches the best qualities to obtain the best wines.

Elegant, aromatic, balanced and intense and lasting flavor wines. And all this with the aim of creating wines so you can live new experiences with wine and gastronomy, enjoying good times.

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