Blend of natural and washed Arabic coffees along with washed robusta.

  • Exhibitor: CAFÉS NOVELL
  • Brand name: Gourmet Responsable
  • Sector: CAFÉ
Blend of natural and washed Arabic coffees along with washed robusta. The result is a cup with considerable body, but no astringency. Intense in taste but moderately acidic, this cup stands out for its balance and presence. In the blend we find soft and sweet hints of cereals, chocolate, fresh butter and vanilla, along with a floral and caramelized aroma. Very adaptable coffee, suitable for cappuccinos.
The world of Cafès Novell is all about seducing people’s senses through the perfect cup of coffee in a restaurant, in a coffee shop, at work, at home or anywhere else where you may fancy one. Since 1958, Cafès Novell selects the best coffee beans from the world leading coffee growing regions to roast them at the optimal level and obtain the perfect espresso.