Special roast coffee beans

  • Exhibitor: CAFÉ JURADO
  • Brand name: Café Jurado
  • Sector: CAFÉ

Mixture of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from Central America. Intense creamy and silky taste.

The Central American Arabica brings refinement, while the Robusta provides a dense body of unmistakable character. Roasting this mixture of specially selected beans for less time allows its delicate nuances to flourish. With a creamy and silky taste, this coffee gives a delicious and harmonious cup.

OUR BEGINNINGS…Founded in the year 1912 by the Jurado family, the company specialised in the roasting, manufacture and production of coffee in Spain (Alicante). We would like to take this opportunity to invite you on a journey through more than one hundred and three years of our history

1912: OUR ORIGINSThis is now the fourth generation of coffee brothers and sisters at Café Jurado. However, we need to go back to Manuel Jurado Mas and his entrepreneurial spirit in order to understand the business origins of the company, always in the food sector, in the Canary Islands and Morocco. Thanks to his great dedication and effort, Manuel was finally able to establish his first coffee roasting factory at a nerve centre for the people of Alicante, Maisonnave Avenue, more than 100 years ago.

We were already pioneers in our sector, for example by becoming one of the main brands of coffee in Spain thanks to persevering in the quality of our coffee, to the loyalty of our customers and to the constant development of new products in which coffee is the common denominator, letting the customer savour the mixtures of all our different varieties of unrivalled quality.

Following great transformations and thanks to the third Jurado generation, CAFÉ JURADO becomes one of the leading manufacturers in the Spanish food industry and a recognised exporter of food products.

The Total Quality strategy applied by Jurado is notable for the fact of meaning direct control over the coffee cultivation, coffee plantations, harvesting and processing of the raw coffee which we use, ensuring complete traceability of the coffee right the way back to the coffee plants.

Café Jurado also stands out for its artisan tradition, as we control all the transformations from the start all the way up to the different packaging lines.

In the year 1997, Café Jurado took an important step forwards in its Total Quality strategy, making important investments in reengineering and technological improvements to its coffee processing plant. This meant the incorporation of new elements and equipment to optimise production, thus becoming one of the main brands of coffee in Spain and developing an extensive range of products which brings together all coffee specialities through the mixes of its different varieties.

Finally, Café Jurado, as well as being a company with a long record of growth and success, also collaborates with different associations of a social nature. Of particular mention is their alliance with other countries in the United Nations Global Compact, in which it commits to ensuring the fulfilment of the ten basic principles on Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.