Meticulous selection of grapes. Fermentation is made at 15ºC and it is interrupted when there are approximately 35gr sugar left, cooling at a temperature of 0ºC. Afterwards, microfiltration is made to guarantee stabilization.

Straw-pale yellow color, steel trim and greenish reflection. The bouquet is an intense mix of floral, vanilla and green apple aromas. Silky, long and persistent in mouth.

Bodegas Vega de Yuco is a family-owned company, founded in 1997. It is located on a hill surrounded with vines, in the area of Masdache (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) where the volcanic malmsey predominates.

Vineyards in holes or rows dug in the ashes of the volcano, creating an unsual way of cultivation unique in the world, which contributes to produce exceptional wines with a mineral touch.

Our small production allows us to focus attention on giving a strong personality to our wines, being the result a wonderful wine. Our goal is to make a high quality product, combining traditional production methods with the newest technologies.