SO2 FREE Garnacha: Organic red young wine, garnacha 100%, with no added sulfites

  • Exhibitor: BODEGAS TEMPORE
  • Brand name: SO2 FREE Garnacha
  • Organic

SO2 FREE Garnacha 2017 / With no added sulfites

Organic cultivation and natural winemaking are the ways to get this wine obtained from 100% garnacha grapes. For this wine we have handpicked grapes from selected vineyards to obtain this magnificent wine. It has been made with no added sulfites respecting the natural rhythms of the grapes and wine making. This is a natural wine that beautifully enhances and reflects the characteristics of the garnacha grapes and the terroir of our land. 

Ruby and red in colour with a unique shine and brightness that gives shows its youth and freshness. It has a surprising aroma of wild red fruits and sweet strawberries. In the mouth it’s gentile and agile. With sweet hints and plenty of fruit and a perfect balance of acidity, tanins and alcohol that allow a pleasant long lasting taste. 

VINIFICATION: Organic cultivation and natural winemaking are the ways to get this wine obtained from 100% garnacha grapes. We have handpicked grapes from selected vineyards with an alcoholic strength of 14º and balanced acidity. 24 hours of cold pre-fermentation maceration. Stainless steel fermentation with control of temperature, for 8 to 10 days, with indigenous yeasts.

After devatting the wine with its lees, malolactic begins spontaneously. Soft clarification with bentonite and devastation by decanting. Contact with oxygen is avoided during all process

The secret behind SO2 FREE is a minimal intervention in the vineyard and in the winery.

Bodegas TEMPORE was created by the Yago Aznar family in the year 2000. After 4 generations of vine growing and with an immense knowledge in organic farming, the family decided that this effort had to be properly represented in the wines, therefore decided that it was time to not only growgrapes but to pour into a bottle all the experience gained during almost an entire century.

Bodegas TEMPORE was born to deliver the best wines that this land has to offer following a very simple step, “Respect for the Land, Passion for Wine”. With over 75 hectares of organic vineyards, Bodegas TEMPORE produces the best Garnacha and Tempranillo wines from the Spanish region of Aragón.

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