Organic & Vegan white wine made with the Verdejo grape. It ferments with natural yeasts.

Piedra Luenga Verdejo | 750 ml

Piedra Luenga Verdejo is an organic white wine made with the Verdejo grape that grows in our Casilla del Morcillete vineyard overrun by a layer of lavender, poppies, clover and wildflowers, buzzing with bees and other insects. There is nothing accidental about our vineyard. It is the result of years of research recognized by the Best Organic Production in Spain in 2014 and the Agriculture and Fisheries Awards 2017.

Piedra Luenga Verdejo ferments with natural yeasts which are present in the soil of the vineyard and reaches the winery attached to the skin of the grape. When one speaks about wines which manage to express an identity, the indigenous yeasts are regarded as almost a must do obligation.

Aged on its fine lees

The gross lees are removed and the wine is aged on its fine lees with weekly “bâtonnage”. They provide, among other things, unctuousness, complexity, intensity, persistence and stability.The Robles family has been dedicated to wine making in Montilla (Southern Spain) since 1927. In the late 1990s, the third generation takes over the winery and understands the need to incorporate organic viticulture and work with indigenous yeasts into the tradition of the winery.

Tasting Notes

Pale yellow colour with steel coloured hues, clean and crystalline. Fresh and fruity aromas are the predominant characteristics of this wine, highlighting the sour apple with subtle notes of fennel bulb.

On the palate it is mild and fleshy with a refreshing finish.

The Verdejo grape adopts the identity of the Cordovan countryside, mature and toasty, earthy background and reminiscences of pear, figs and dates compote. Well constructed on the palate, mild and juicy, with a small final acidity which refreshes.

Vejez promedio Harvest

Alcohol 13%

Recommendations Excellent as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to fresh and complex dishes such as cod and orange salad. It can be served with cheese spreads, trout, seafood and fish in general.

Award Medal Silver at Ecovino 2017

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