Platé banana white wine

PLATÉ white, is a banana wine, this delicious drink is made by fermentation of the natural sugar of canary bananas (PGI), similar to the production of wine from grapes. It does not contain any artificial flavours or colouring agents. The wine offers aromas of tropical and white fruits as pineapple, passion fruit, guava and of course a smooth flavour of banana. Its taste is fresh, light and balanced, with rich floral notes. Matches fish, seafood, white meat and salads. Serve between 8 and 10 ºC.

Tasting notes: Colour: shiny pale yellow. Bouquet: The aroma has notes of fresh, tropical fruits (peach, pineapple, guava, passion fruit), together with other white varieties as apple, with a smooth banana smell. Taste: Slightly sweet, well balanced with the present acid. It takes us further to the tropics with its fruity taste. And again with a continuous banana note, but not strenuous. A very fresh and light wine, altogether harmonically concerted.  Matching: Matches fish, seafood, white meat, rice and salads. Temperature: Serve cold (between 6 and 8 ºC) and use ice cubes or cooler at the table.

Alcohol content: 12,5 % vol.

In Bodegas Platé we make a banana wine. 100% with bananas from canary islands. As well we produce a banana sweet, similar to a guava sweet. And a vinegars with fruit pulp, like banana, mango, blackberries, and bell peppers. The most relevant markets are stores and restaurants who wants to offer new and different products. Like gourmet stores, and traditional or non-traditional restaurants, etc.

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