Vinegar creams with fruit pulp

The Platé vinegar creams, made from the pulp of bananas, blackberries, mangoes or red sweet peppers, make ideal salad dressings The sweet and sour taste evokes balsamic vinegar. The proportion of fruit is minimum 20% of the recipe, which confers a unique taste and aroma to the dishes.  Another usage of these vinegar creams is the combination with cheese spreads,  like brie or blue cheese. Furthermore they are used for making  meat and fish pickles. The Platé vinegar creams do not contain gluten or ingredients of animal origin, which makes them an ideal dressing for vegetarians. Neither do they contain artificial colours or flavouring agents. Due to the intensive flavour, only a small quantity is necessary to create exquisite dishes. Presentation: Glass bottles with 250 ml content, in boxes with 12 units.
In Bodegas Platé we make a banana wine. 100% with bananas from canary islands. As well we produce a banana sweet, similar to a guava sweet. And a vinegars with fruit pulp, like banana, mango, blackberries, and bell peppers. The most relevant markets are stores and restaurants who wants to offer new and different products. Like gourmet stores, and traditional or non-traditional restaurants, etc.