This delicious sweet dish, which is produced from canary bananas according to an old family recipe, matches perfectly cheese, cookies or gofio (canary cornmeal).

Extended description: The consistency of this sweet banana spread is similar to that of quince or guava spread. It is produced according to a very old family recipe. With this sweet dessert our cheese sandwiches were refined when we were children, or we enjoyed it as a tasty snack, spread between two cookies.  The spread does not contain gluten or ingredients of animal origin, which makes them ideal for vegetarians. Neither do they contain artificial colours or flavouring agents.

Presentation: Package of 260 gr. for retail trade (boxes with 12 units). Package of 1750 gr. for catering trade

In Bodegas Platé we make a banana wine. 100% with bananas from canary islands. As well we produce a banana sweet, similar to a guava sweet. And a vinegars with fruit pulp, like banana, mango, blackberries, and bell peppers. The most relevant markets are stores and restaurants who wants to offer new and different products. Like gourmet stores, and traditional or non-traditional restaurants, etc.

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