Red wine 14 14 months in New Barrica. 80% french oak and 20% american oak.

  • Exhibitor: BODEGAS NABAL
  • Brand name: NABAL 2015
  • Innovation Area

Nabal Tinto 2015 is hand-harvested in its entirety, collected in boxes of 15 Kg. Then the grapes are taken into the winery to a sorting table. Once selected is destemmed and it passes gentle by gravity to the stainless steel tanks, where are kept in cold maceration for the potential extraction of aromas and color. The alcoholic fermentation is daily controlled at temperatures of 26ºC. The malolactic fermentation will be carried out partly in tanks and in new American and French oak barrels, where they will rest slowly on their own leas to gain volume and density.

Selection of old vineyards in the coolest areas of the Ribera del Duero in Burgos. Vineyards in bush shape between 50-80 years of age, with yield limited to 3500 kilos per hectare. Wide variety of soil richness, mainly in clay, calcareous and stony soils, with surfaces rich in pebbles.These soils imbue the wine with structure and potency, characteristics that together with the orientations of the smallholdings achieve a maturation and a very suitable profile for the production of aging wines.

Variety: 100% Tempranillo

Harvest Picking: 25 de septiembre de 2015

Aging: 14 months in New Barrica. 80% french oak and 20% american oak.

Bodegas Nabal is the fruit of passion and respect for the wine of the Navarro Balbás Family. Family of wine tradition inherited from the history and culture of our land.

Bodegas nabal is located in the heart of the ribera del duero, in the municipality of gumiel de izán, where one of the best vineyards of the entire riverbank is located, and where the grapes from which nabal wines are made come from.Bodegas nabal is based on the belief that great wines begin to be made from the vineyard and that is the reason behind our desire to select a quality grape.

Bodegas Nabal is the new project of the Navarro Balbás family who, after a long business career of more than 20 years as winemakers in Ribera del Duero and promoters of the creation of the D.O. Arlanza with its Lerma wines, have started this important project (Enotourism) in the historic heart of the D.O. Ribera del Duero Gumiel de Izán - Burgos.

The place where the Valley of NABAL is located is one of the most recognized for the quality of its wines from almost century-old vineyards.We can say that it is a project that has been forged from years of experience in the production of D.O. and as a result of a family dream that bets on its terroir.The family shows their preference for high quality and artisanal wines taking care of every detail, from the vineyard to the bottle. History, tradition and vanguard united to shape a family dream that respects the origins and work of their elders.