Single vineyard wine from a vineyard located in the protected biotope of Lagunas de Laguardia

Parcela Nº5 is made exclusively with grapes from a specific vineyard that, due to its soil and climate characteristics, produces grapesl of great personality and very different from the other ones.

This plot is located within the National Park  Lagunas de Laguardia, a biotope protected by the European Union. These lagoons are a meso-salinic, which gives the grapes a clear differentiation from others. The fruits are hand harvested in boxes of 15kg and then they pass over the selection table to ensure the perfect state of them.

The grapes ferment and macerate with skins for approximately 20 days in the tank from where they pass, without filtration, to the barrels previously selected for this type of wine. It ages in barrels for approximately 14 months, after which it is bottled with a light filtering, finally resting in the bottle for about 10-12 months until it reaches its perfect state.

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